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The name pickle came from the pickles cucumber in united states. In HORECA terminology Pickle signifies slices/dices or whole vegetables dipped in vinegar. Sun Impex have wide range of products for Hotel, Restaurants and Catering industry such as Sliced beetroot, Paprika salad, Riviera mix, Piccalilly, capres, Caperberries, mixed pickle, Gherkins, Cornichon, Silver Onions,etc.

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Caperberries “Vivitalia”

Mixed Pickles “NVR”

Gherkins 70/80 “NVR”

Gherkins D “NVR”

Cornichon Gherkins “NVR”

Silver Onions “NVR”

Sliced Beetroot “NVR”

Paprika Salad “NVR”

Riviera Mix Salad “NVR”

Piccalilly “NVR”

Capers in Vinegar “Vivitalia”