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Vinegar is a liquid that contains 5-20% of acetic acid, water and other trace chemicals which may include flavoring. In Horeca Vinegar plays as an important ingredient in many cuisines/dishes and is also used for pickling. Sun Impex Horeca Division brings to you mant variety of exotic Vinegar and flavoured vinegar such as Balsamic, Red, White, Apple, Garlic, White Truffle, Rasberry, cherry, Cranberry, etc.

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White Truffle Vinegar “Cavalier”

Raspberry Vinegar “Cavalier”

Cherry Vinegar “Cavalier”

Cranberry Vinegar “Cavalier”

Balsamic Vinegar Cream “Cavalier from Vilux”

Red Vinegar “Cavalier”

White Vinegar “Cavalier”

Apple Vinegar “Cavalier”

Garlic Vinegar “Cavalier”

Balsamic Vinegar “Vivitalia”