Sun Impex offers variety of cashews from India, Vietnam and Africa in different forms. Cashews are native of Brazil and were spread around the world by the Portuguese. Cashews are found mostly in Brazil, Western Africa, India, Vietnam and Indonesia. Major of the cashew processing takes place in India and Vietnam.

    • Size (Kernels): LSP,LP,SSP,SP
    • Origin: India, Vietnam, Africa
    • Packing : Vacuum in poly bagsor 10kg tins in cartons
    • Loadability/20' FCL :
    • Net Weigt (LBS): 25 x 2 x 700 cartons, 50 x 700 Cartons
    • Net Weight (Kgs): 10 x 2 x 750 cartons, 11.34 x 2 x 700 cartons, 22.68 x 700 Cartons

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