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About Us

Sun Impex – A Symbol of Trust in the Agro-Products Industry.

Sun Impex – A Peek into its Journey

How the creation of goodness began!

Beginning the journey in Dubai in 2013, Sun Impex today enjoys the status of being a credible and trusted enterprise in the field of agro-products and processed food industry. With a promise of delivering the finest quality products, Sun Impex sources its best-in-class offerings directly from the farmlands and processing zones across the world.
Sun Impex strongly believes in understanding and fulfilling its customers’ needs supported by a diligent team of highly qualified, efficient and experienced people. By providing an efficient chain of production, processing and distribution of agro-products and processed fruits, pulps, IQFs, concentrates, and more, Sun Impex has gained an exceptional reputation with buyers on a global level by providing good quality products, competitive prices, personalized services and online delivery for its customers to avail only the best & freshest of products.
  • Fruit Pulp Puree Concentrate
  • IQF Fruits & Vegetables
  • Canned Fruits & Vegetables
  • Flavours & Aromas
  • Pulses & Lentils
  • Cereals & Grains
  • Oil Seeds
  • Spices
  • Plant based proteins
  • Organic / Bio
Being a worldwide supplier with an in-depth understanding of the food processing industry is what drives Sun Impex to meet the fluctuating demands arising in the global food & beverage markets.  Be it new flavours, infused blends, customized orders or innovative packing – you name it & Sun Impex has got it all! It’s Sun Impex’s will and passion to always carry forward it’s tradition of providing good quality, world-class products that meet and exceed customer’s requirements.

Things To Know About Sunimpex

Procure from 50+ countries

Sun Impex takes pride in presenting to you its collection of all the agro and non-agro specialties from diverse geographical regions of the world. Taking care of the product quality by examining it in every step of the import & export process is key to deliver the best procure

20+ Product Categories

By providing the clients with an extensive range of product categories namely plant-based proteins, canned fruits and vegetables, flavours and seeds, Sun Impex not only serves them with premium quality Fruit Pulp & IQF products but also offers a large variety of agro-commodities like grains, spices, pulses & more. Natural & synthetic flavors along with fragrances are also one of the valuable products the Sun Impex aromatizes your platter with.

1000+ Product Varieties

Classified in major business units, Sun impex supplies its clients with a bouquet of 20+ product categories with an option of choosing from 1000+ products. To maintain high-quality standards, Sun Impex closely monitors every product category.

Delivers in 100+ countries

Known for its seamless on-time delivery and customer satisfaction system, Sun Impex proudly continues to win its customers’ hearts with a robust supply chain management system. The proficient team members assure that they do not fall back on the commitments they make to the customers.

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