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The delicately flavoured almond is available freshest in mid-summer, although packaged almonds are available year round. The almond known as nut is technically the seed of the fruit. It is consumed Raw and other times consumed toasted. It also has wide culinary uses.

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Almonds Suppliers

Sun Impex: One of the Leading Almonds Suppliers

Are you looking for premium quality almonds in bulk quantity at a competitive price? Then do make sure to procure it from Sun Impex – one of the leading almond suppliers.

As a leading almond supplier, Sun Impex offers processed almonds procured from California (USA), Australia and Spain. It also offers US Almonds in Shell and Kernels procured from the same regions.

Trust Sun Impex for Your Almond Needs

As one of the leading Almond Suppliers, Sun Impex sticks to all the packaging and exporting guidelines, thereby ensuring the quality of the almonds remain intact during transit.

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