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Coconut is a very versatile fruit known for its refreshing taste, minerals, antioxidants and high fibre content. Sun Impex exports premier quality IQF coconut cubes prepared using advanced freezing techniques. After washing, the coconuts are cut into cubes and deep frozen using quick freezing techniques. Once this process is complete the IQF coconut cubes are packed and exported in specialized reefer containers.

  • Size: 6x6,10x10,15x15,20x20,25x25mm
  • Origin: India
  • Raw Material/ Process: Free flowing frozen Coconut dices produced from whole ripe Coconut. The fruit should be picked and transported to the processing factory without delay. It must then be peeled and removed shredder and passed along the inspection belts to remove any foreign bodies or over/under-ripe shredder.
  • The Shredder must then be diced by machine and passed through dewatering and infeed shaker to IQF.The IQF dices are then sieved,inspected, weighed and packed.The packed cartons are fed through metal detector and transferred to cold store at -18o C.
  • Treatment No food additives used.
  • Packaging: Inside Blue poly bag (LDPE) and outside 5 ply Corrugated box. 10 Kg.
  • Net Weight: 10 Kgs
  • Cases per FCL: 2300
  • Product: Size Free flowing dices of sizes6x6mm,10x10mm/15x15mm /20x20mm /25x25mm . The dices are made from fresh of semi ripe coconut shredder,vertically cut,since the slices are oblong not all dices will be completely uniform in shape /size .However up to 70 – 75% will have two sides of the required size ,25% will be of irregular shape due to the geometry of the fruit.
  • Consistency Solid
  • Peels: 2-3 Pieces /100 Kg
  • Rotten/Mouldy Fruits: Nil
  • Other Foreign Bodies: Nil
  • Parameter Value
  • Color: White
  • Taste/Smell: Natural characteristics
  • Appearance: Firm
  • Tss: 170 - 200 Brix at 200 C
  • Acidity: (Calculated As Citric Acid Monohydrates) 0.20 – 0.30
  • pH: <6
  • Parameter: Target Value Acceptable Value Rejected Value
  • TPC : < 10,000; < 20,000; < 20,000
  • Yeast/Mould: < 1000; < 10,000; < 10,000
  • E.coli:Negative <10; >10
  • Coli forms: < 10; < 100
  • Salmonella: Absent in 25 gms; Absent in 25 gms Positive in 25 gms
  • Staphylococcus aureus:Negative <10; >10
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