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Gac Fruit Puree

Power-packed with strong antioxidants, beta-carotene and lycopene, Gac fruit has to be one of the most nutritious foods available on this planet. Gac fruit puree is a remarkable product derived from Gac fruit. Sun Impex offers best quality Gac fruit puree and pulp prepared under strict quality control processes. We are a leading supplier of good quality Gac fruit puree & pulp.

The massive content of vital nutrients in Gac fruit render it highly suitable for daily consumption. You can realize the health benefits of this delicious fruit by taking it in form of pulp and puree. A premium Gac fruit puree supplier, Sun Impex offers the wholesome goodness of the blood-red colour fruit in form of puree & pulp. All our processed Gac fruit products conform to International quality standards.

Our Gac Fruit Puree & Pulp are as Impressive as the Fruit Itself

You must have realized by now how impressive Gac fruit stands in terms of nutrition & taste. The Gac fruit puree on offer from Sun Impex combines the healthy nourishment and impeccable taste of this amazing fruit in forms of pulp and puree.

Our offered Gac fruit puree features a deep red colour and an enticing mild aroma. You can notice the uniform consistency and thick texture of our offered puree. The Gac fruit pulp we offer is prepared from fully-ripened variety of the exotic fruit.

Relish the Absolute Tempting Taste of Our Gac Fruit Pulp & Puree…

Only the most seasoned Gac fruit puree manufacturer is capable of extracting premium quality puree from available fruit. At Sun Impex, we ensure that our Gac fruit puree delivered to customers is premium in all aspects. So, you only get the best quality Gac puree and pulp always.

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