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Lemon Pulp/Puree

The sour taste of lemon is adored by many people; however, few actually know the nutritional value the incredible citrus fruit carries in its every single drop. Sun Impex offers premium quality lemon pulp & puree to enable you experience the awesome taste and health benefits of lemon. Our processed lemon products are prepared only from fresh lemons.

Featuring a bright yellow exterior, lemon is characterized by its distinct strong aroma and sour taste. The 5-6 percent citric acid that is present in lemon renders it sour, making it a poplar ingredient in cooking. Sun Impex brings the pungent aroma and flavour of lemon to you in form of lemon pulp and puree. You will definitely love the superb taste of our processed lemon products available as pulp & puree.

Our Premium Grade Lemon Puree & Pulp May take you by Surprise…

Relishing the lemon pulp and puree offered by Sun Impex will provide you the ideal way to avail all the health benefits the citrus fruit has on offer. Our offered lemon pulp is a rich source of fiber & Vitamin C and hence may aid you in weight loss, improving digestion and boosting the immune system. Only the finest quality lemons are made use of for extracting the pulp and puree. You can add our lemon pulp or puree to your cuisines during gourmet preparation to get that desired tangy flavour.

A Burst of Absolute Tanginess & Freshness awaits you…

Nowadays, not all lemon pulp manufacturer & exporters focus on quality; however Sun Impex leaves no stone unturned to deliver the best quality lemon pulp & puree to clients. You can place your order with us to avail tangy lemon pulp or puree as required.

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