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Peanut is commonly called ‘Ground nut’ – a major source of oil mainly produce in China & India. It is widely grown in tropical and subtropical regions, important to both large and small commercial producers. Peanuts are rich in essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and protein.Peanuts are highly nutritious and typically bear a crunchy flavour that feels amazing. Highly popular for their health benefits, peanuts are a rich source of antioxidants, essential protein, fiber and minerals. Sun Impex presents to you premium grade peanuts sourced from different regions across the globe. We supply Bold and Java Peanut Kernels varieties.

Sun Impex’s premium quality peanuts have a huge demand in the market. We provide peanuts in a wide range of varieties including Bold and Java. Even if you require blanched peanuts, the same is made available to you in these varieties. Our offered peanuts are loaded with essential nutrients to keep your body healthy always.

Relish Our Crispy Peanuts in the Way you prefer the Most…

We source our peanuts from the most reliable suppliers and the same can be seen in the supreme quality we offer. These bear a crunchy texture and slight sweet taste and are suited for diverse culinary applications. You can use them for producing that extra creamy peanut butter that tastes awesomely good with bread.

Alternatively, these can be consumed either raw or in roasted form as per individual taste requirements. Our delicious peanuts are also suited for use in vegetable soups, candy & chocolate production and more. These can be even processed suitably to derive peanut cooking oil which is quite healthy compared to other oils.

We Have Huge Stocks of Nutritious Peanuts Available!

Having known about the nutrition value and deliciousness of our offered peanuts, you must be planning to get some. You can place your order for peanuts with us now as we have huge stocks available.

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