A highly popular staple food, rice is consumed around the world. Several varieties of rice are prevalent, among which basmati is the most delicious one. Sun Impex offers basmati rice besides several other varieties of the popular staple food. The basmati & non-basmati rice are of Indian origin while the long grain Jasmine variety is of Thai, Vietnam and Myanmar origin.

Do you know that 95 percent of rice crops grown across the world are for human consumption? Rice indeed is the oldest cereal grain known to mankind and a large part of human population is dependent on it for food. Sun Impex offers best quality basmati rice, non-basmati rice and jasmine rice to global customers. Being a top quality Indian rice exporter, we always live up to our commitment of delivering the best quality rice always.

A Diverse Variety of Clean White, Nutritious Rice Available…

We supply premium quality rice in different varieties including traditional Golden Sella, PUSA, Sharbati Sella, long grain jasmine and more. Each of our offered rice variety has enormous demand in International markets. You can experience the great rich taste, aroma and flavour of our rice rich in carbohydrates and energy. Our rice is sourced from the most reliable market vendors and supplied to you customers as per their unique requirements.

Choose the Rice Variety Best Suited to your Culinary Requirements…

As a high quality rice supplier & trader, we deal in the most premium quality rice varieties always. Be it for basmati, non-basmati or some other rice variety, your requirement will be handled with high consideration always. Just place your order now!

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