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Beat the Heat with Chilled and Tasty Delights


Beat the heat with tasty delights

Surrounded by deserts, UAE and Gulf Region experience a huge jump in the temperature in summer. If in other parts of the world, there is a relief from the scorching heat in the night, then these are the regions that have high temperature and humidity even when the Sun sets.

The outdoor activities in summer reduce to a great extent in the summer. One look at the thermometer and it robs anyone of speech by showcasing the temperature ranging from 40 ° C to 55 ° C. Therefore, people prefer to stay calm and composed in their Air Conditioner surrounding rather then getting barbecued in the heat outside.

The summer of UAE and Gulf changes the entire lifestyle of the people residing in these regions. The gatherings and celebrations shift to evening, the streets gets crowded more after the Sun leaves its zenith than in the daytime, etc.

Due to the heat waves blowing continuously in summer, the hot beverages are replaced by chilled smoothies of various flavors, Ice Cream Soda, Juices such as Passion Fruit Juice, Juicy Dates, etc.

Sun Impex very well understands how difficult it gets in summer for those who reside in UAE and nearby regions. Thus, with its mouthwatering flavors and vibrant food colors, it ensures that people get lip-smacking chilled offerings such as Ice Lollies, Smoothies, Juices, Cold Drinks, etc.

Mangoes have always been the soul and life of people in summer. Sun Impex exports a whole range of processed mango products for the global market. This includes mango pulp, puree, IQF and mango juice concentrate.

With its three primary mango varieties – Totapuri, Kesar and Alphonso, it brings the best quality mangoes pulp and puree that is made from selected and handpicked mangoes.

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