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Delivering the exquisite taste of handpicked olives at your doorstep!

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The Mediterranean belt of Spain, Greece and Italy are the world’s largest producers of olive oil. The process of extracting oil from olives is purely a regional art. Each region and infact each grower may have his own way of producing the appetising, golden liquid. The taste and flavour of the oil depends on various region-specific factors like the variety of olives used, ripeness of olives, location, soil and environmental conditions, harvesting and pressing methods as well as packaging and storage methods.

  olives oil   To produce economical varieties of olive oil, olives from different regions of one country and even olives from different countries are and bulk blended. However, the most unique and exquisite flavours are found in the regional oils, made from handpicked olives of a specific region.   producte_tossal   The HoReCa division of Sun Impex, together with Olis Singulars, brings the exquisite flavour of the best olives of the typical varieties from Cordoba, Spain. The oil is extracted using traditional methods- handpicked, pressed and bottled right at the source so as to retain the original flavour of the olives. Tossal del Maestrat is our superior collection of olive oils, from Cordoba, Spain. It is available in two variants- Tossal Premium and the organic variant, Tossal Premium Ecologico certified by the ASAC (Andalusian Association of Organic Production).   At Sun Impex, we aspire to bring the best of the world’s flavours at the doorsteps of our customers. And this is what stimulates us!
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