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Horeca Stands for Hotel, Restaurants and Catering. This division of the company supplies ingredients to Hotel, Restaurants and Catering industry from more than three year in UAE. We Proudly announce that we have been regularly supplying our products to many big institutes now. Time to time we are not only increasing varieties on our platter but also implementing robust supply chain along with improvements in quality of the product.

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Sun Impex offers premium quality HORECA products to the Hotels, Restaurants, and Catering industry customers in the UAE. Over the past three years, we have emerged as a leading supplier of HORECA products to UAE customers. Our premier range of HORECA products includes Ambient, Dairy, Meat, Seafood and Poultry & Game Items.

Our top quality products are highly sought-after by leading brands in hotels & restaurants industry. While our ambient products include Antipasti, Chocolates, Spices, Flavoured Vinegar etc. we offer lamb, beef and mutton as meat products. Cheese, butter and whipped cream are our popular dairy products. We also receive huge demand for our offered seafood like Caviar, Fish fillet, Shell fish etc.

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