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Lamb means meat of an sheep in its first year. A sheep in its first year is called lamb(even its meat is called Lamb) and later is term as hogget and a grown up is sheep (meat of Hogget and Sheep is called Mutton). In Indian subcontinent, Mutton is refereed to Goat meat. Lamb meat is the most expensive and tender of the three. Sun Impex Horeca division brings to you one of the most tender Mutton for your Hotel, restaurant or catering business.

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Lamb Shoulder Sq.Cut Bone In Chilled

Lamb Leg Bone In Chump On Chilled

Lamb Shank Chilled

Lamb Rack Standard Chilled

Lamb Rack Frenched Cap Off Chilled

Lamb Shoulder Boneless Chilled

Lamb Leg Boneless Netted Chilled

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