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As one of the largest supplier of meat products in Dubai, Sun Impex offers bulk quantity meat, game and poultry products for the HORECA industry. We believe in giving customers best quality products and a reliable, timely delivery. Products are sourced under utmost hygienic conditions and all food safety norms are strictly adhered to. You can choose from a huge variety of products which are available in different forms. Customers can select products in sliced, cooked, frozen, smoked, pre-sliced or cubed forms depending upon the specific requirements.

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Sun Impex is a reputed supplier of meat products in Dubai with premium offerings including mutton, beef and lamb. Our customer base for meat products is huge and we receive constant demand for fresh meat on a daily basis from reputed brands in Dubai. Our meat products are made available in cooked, frozen and smoked forms. As for slicing, these are available in sliced, pre-sliced or cubed forms.

Meat products start decaying with a foul smell if not stored under optimal temperatures. Sun Impex thus makes sure that all meat products are maintained at optimal storage conditions, thereby avoiding any undesired modification in their texture. Our soft & delicate meat products are ideal for preparing a host of scrumptious non-vegetarian cuisines. Lamb and mutton are some of our most popular products in this category.

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