Poultry stands for domesticated birds kept by humans for their eggs, meat and feathers. In this section of Sun Impex horeca we only talk about poultry meat. Poultry meat is white meat with is high in protein and contains less saturated fats then Mutton and Beef. Sun Impex Horeca division offers good quality of many variety of eggs, Chicken meat, Duck meat, etc.

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Whole white poussin/spring chickens A grade without giblets

Whole Fresh Egg (LARGE)

Whole corn fed chickens A grade without giblets

Corn fed chicken breast skin-on with wing bone (supreme)

Corn fed chicken breast Skin-on

Corn fed chicken breast Skinless

Corn fed chicken legs oyster cut

Duck magret

Whole duck foie gras Extra Selection

Sliced duck foie gras 50 gr (escalopes)

Cooked and smoked Duck Breast

Male barbarie duck breast

Male barbarie duck legs

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