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Sauces in cooking signify liquid, cream or semi solid food served on or used in preparing other foods. They add flavour moisture and visual appearance to the dish when used in food preparation. Sun Impex offer wide range of sauces for Hotel, Restaurant and catering businesses such as Cranberry, Mustard grainy, Dijon Mustard, various flavors of mustard, Barbecue, Sambal oelek, etc.

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Cranberry Sauce “Ocean Spray”

Garlic & Basil Mustard “Cavalier”

Dill & Honey Mustard “Cavalier”

Barbecue Sauce “Apollo”

Sambal Oelek “Conimex”

Sambal Oelek “Asli”

Mustard Grainy “Cavalier from Vilux”

Dijon Mustard ExtraStrong “Cavalier from Vilux”

Pommery Mustard “Cavalier from Vilux”

Tarragon Mustard “Cavalier”

Greenpepper Mustard “Cavalier”

Herbs of Provence Mustard “Cavalier”

Lemon Mustard “Cavalier”

Garlic & Parsley Mustard “Cavalier”

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