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Seafood is any form of sea life regarded as food by humans. Sea Food is a very high perishable item and demands proper storage measures to insure the quality of the product is intact. Our fully equipped warehouse facilities insure the quality of the product to be at par with the quality standards. Sun Impex seafood category contains Caviar, Fish Fillet, Shell Fish, Smoked Fish and Whole Fish.

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Sun Impex brings best quality fresh seafood for its HORECA customers in UAE. Our seafood offerings include Whole fish, Caviar, Shellfish, Fish Fillet and more. We source premium quality seafood and deliver it to customers as per their requirement. Our warehouse is equipped with multiple facilities to ensure optimal storage of the procured seafood. Some of the most in-demand fishes we have on offer include Salmon, Acura, Tuna, and Carabinero wild. We constantly replenish our stocks of seafood due to the regular demand for these products. You can place order for the desired seafood according to your unique culinary requirement to avail it.

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