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Shell Fish

Shell fishes is a culinary term for exoskeleton bearing aquatic invertebrates used as food. Shell fish is one of the exotic variety of seafood which is liked by most of the seafood lovers. Sun Impex offers their Hotel, Restaurants and catering customers a wide range of Shell Fishes such as Langoustine, Carabinero wild, Jambo Prawns, Shrimps, crab etc.

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Jumbo Botan EBI – Spot Prawn

Langoustine Scampi Tail

Carabinero Wild Caught Whole Red Prawn

PD 11/15

PD 8/12

PD 16/20

PDTO 61/80

PD 21/25

PDTO 51/60

PD 26/30

PD 31/40

PD 41/50

PD 51/60

PD 61/80

Pasteurized Chilled Crab Meat Jumbo Lump & Back Fin

Soft Shell Crab IQF IWP

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