Apricot Puree Concentrate

Packed with tremendous goodness of vitamins, dietary fiber and potassium, Apricot is cherished for its abundant flavour and nutrition. As a premium apricot puree concentrate supplier, Sun Impex provides the best quality apricot puree concentrate to global clients. Prepared from fresh apricot puree, the concentrate carries the characteristic apricot fruit flavour and aroma to produce a sensational sensory experience altogether. You can experience the same by placing order with the prominent apricot puree concentrate exporter – Sun Impex. Currently, we have huge stocks of apricot puree concentrate available. Order now!

    • Brix: 30 – 32
    • pH: max 3.6
    • Acidity: 1.5 – 3.0 %
    • Insoluble Solids: 36 – 46 %
    • Color (Hunter Lab) L*= 43-49, a*=14-19, b*=40-50 (at 12° bx and 20° C)
    • Viscosity: Bostwick method, 15.0 – 20.0 cm (at 12° bx and 20° C for 30 sec)
    • Ascorbic Acid: 300 – 600 ppm

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