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Artichoke Puree

Sun Impex presents to you Artichoke puree bundled with antioxidants, fiber, protein, calcium besides several other nutrients. Our offered Artichoke puree is a great source of vital nutrients besides being highly suited for a plethora of culinary preparations. Quality is and always will remain important for us! It is the core reason why our offered Artichoke puree is high in quality and hence in nutrition. Most standardized processing techniques are deployed for preparing the Artichoke puree we offer. Fresh quality artichokes are suitably drained to eliminate all the extra oil content which is followed by further processing until a completely smooth puree texture is derived. Our Artichoke puree comes to you free of any additives whatsoever; so you can stay relieved of the purity aspect by all means. Our Artichoke puree stocks are available throughout the year for global clients. Based on your culinary preparation bulk requirement, you can place your order with us. Order now!

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