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Cucumber Concentrate

Cucumbers aren’t referred cool for no solid reason; it’s basically the invigorating effect they create when taken raw or in juice form that makes them so cool. Sun Impex brings to you premium quality Cucumber Concentrate prepared from fresh cucumber juice featuring a refreshing taste. Processing the cucumber juice allows extraction of cucumber concentrate which can be easily deployed for a range of applications in food preparation & serving. Only the best quality “fresh” cucumbers are used for preparing the cucumber juice that ultimately makes the finally extracted cucumber concentrate extremely healthy. By “fresh”, we mean green cucumbers that are firm rather than squishy and not at all bitter in taste. Extracting the natural water content from the juice leaves behind a somewhat slightly thicker cucumber concentrate. You will definitely adore the revitalizing taste of our cucumber concentrate. So, are you ready to splash into a pool of freshness with the coolest cucumber concentrate available with us? Just place your bulk order now!

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