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Hulled Sesame Seeds

Hulled sesame seeds are considered as the most nutritious seeds because of its proteins and valuable minerals. The husk hull (skin) of these seeds are removed hence are called as hulled sesame seeds. Prior to hulling process, these sesame seeds are thoroughly cleaned. Hulled sesame seeds are relatively softer and delicious as compared to natural sesame seeds.

    • Purity:99.90%, 99.95%, 99.97%, 99.99% Premium quality
    • Ffa: 1.5% max
    • Origin: India, Nigerian
    • Packaging: 25kg paper & pp bags, 50kg PP Bags
    • FCL 20': 19 MT
    • Nigerian Water Washed Hulled Sesame Seeds: Purity: 99.95%, Moisture: 5%

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