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Natural Sesame Seeds

Natural sesame seeds are unhulled and Sortex cleaned white sesame seeds in their purest form. Sun Impex exports highest quality of natural sesame seeds. Natural white sesame seeds find a lot of use in the baking industry since they are used both for the preparation and garnishing of many deserts.

    • Purity: 98-99% min, 91/2/2, 99/1/1,99/1 machine cleaned
    • Mositure: 7% max.
    • FFA: 2%max
    • Oil content: 52% min
    • Origin: Burkina Faso, India, Nigerian, Ethiopia
    • Packaging: PP Bags 25/ 50 Kgs
    • FCL 20': 19 MT
    • Nigerian White Sesame Seeds: Buenue type: Purity: 99%, Kano type: Purity: 98%.
    • Ethopian Sesame Seeds: Humera 99/1, Wollega 98/2

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