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Processed Almonds

Sun Impex provides variety of Process Almonds California (USA), Australia and Spain. The delicately flavoured almond is available freshest in mid-summer, although packaged almonds are available year round. The almond known as nut is technically the seed of the fruit. It is consumed Raw and other times consumed toasted. It also has wide culinary uses.

    • Variety: Sliced,Meal,Diced Large 30/16,Diced Medium 22/8,Diced Small 12/8
    • Origin: California (USA), Australia, Spain
    • Packing : Cartons
    • Loadibility 20 ' FCL
    • Net Weigt (LBS): 25 x 960 Cartons
    • Net Weight (Kgs): 11.34 x 960 Cartons
    • Loadibility 40 ' FCL
    • Net Weigt (LBS): 25 x 1720 Cartons
    • Net Weight (Kgs): 11.34 x 1720 Cartons

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