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Yellow Pepper Puree

A popular variety of bell peppers, yellow pepper is low in calories and rich in antioxidants and Vitamin C. Suited for use in a wide range of food preparations, yellow pepper puree is an excellent addition to a super healthy diet. Sun Impex offers you high quality yellow pepper puree that you can make use of to add that extra bit of hotness, rich colour and taste to your culinary preparations. Though yellow pepper is generally less hot due to lesser amount of substance ‘capsaicin’, our yellow pepper puree includes all the ingredients suffice to make your cuisine an appetizing one. Puree preparation process involves selection of the finest yellow bell peppers followed by their seeding and chopping before sending them for final processing. Our offered yellow pepper puree features a strong colour that makes it highly suited to colour sauces, any sort of soup or vegetable puree. It goes well with mushrooms, tomato and eggplant as well. You can even use it for meat and fish like salmon, cod and hake.

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