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Sun Impex Launches Mineral Water-TICHE


Sun Impex is launching its new product, the TICHE Mineral Water. According to research, Lithuania has some of the largest underground fresh and clean water reserves in the world. This is because 100% of it is sheltered from human interference. This water is perfectly drinkable. Sun Impex is ready with its first packaged Lithuanian water product which is good for everyone.

The term TICHE comes from Greek mythology where Tyche, Daughter of Oceanus, is a goddess of fortune and plenty.The thing that makes TICHE water special is its mineral makeup that helps reduce irritability, insomnia, headache, cardiorhythm disorder, amount of cholesterol in the blood. Besides providing refreshment, TICHE water contains a high amount calcium, magnesium and sulphates, as well as sufficient amount of sodium, chlorine, potassium, flourine and acid carbonates. It also removes harmful substances from the body.

Sun Impex, a leading exporter of agro and HORECA products offers TICHE natural mineral water which is a healthy choice for family, kids, and active people. TICHE meets all the European and American standards of quality. It has been selected as the only mineral water supplier for the NATO army. Moreover, it has been awarded the ‘Product of the Year’ Gold medals both locally and internationally. It also won the Prodexpo Gold medal, ITQI Superior and Crystal Taste awards. This high-quality pure drinking water is already being used in the manufacture of great variety soft drinks. Sun Impex currently offers Still and Carbonated water in 750 & 330ml in glass bottles.

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