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PEAR Pulp/Puree


You may be astonished to know the incredible health benefits the sweetly-shaped pear fruit brings along. Pear pulp and puree from Sun Impex is your ideal daily dose of the rich nutrients the delicious fruit has on offer. We provide only the best quality processed pear products made from the most premium variety of the fruit.

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Packing loads of nutrition in form of antioxidants, dietary fiber and flavonoids; the pear fruit features a unique shape somewhat similar to a man-made electric bulb. One of the leading processed pear products supplier, Sun Impex presents to you best quality pear pulp and puree to enable you experience the original fruit in a processed, preservative-free form.

We Bring All Good Reasons for you to Relish our Pear Puree and Pulp…

Made from farm fresh pear fruits, our pear puree carries the nutritional goodness of fruit packed in an amazing taste and flavour. You will certainly adore the milky yellow colour and naturally sweet taste of our puree that goes good with a host of culinary preparations. The premium taste and quality of our pear puree makes it hugely demanded in the food industry.

Our offered pear pulp is thick and extremely luscious – making it highly suited for use in ice creams and jellies. A comprehensive processing method is typically followed to extract the pear pulp and puree as required. Most importantly, optimum hygiene is maintained – be it handling raw pear fruits, processing or packaging the final product.

Get Pear Puree & Pulp from Reputed Suppliers of Processed Pear Products…

Sun Impex stocks abundant volumes of premium quality processed pear products. If you want to relish our premium pear pulp & puree, feel free to place your order with us.

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