Canned Pears
[ halves / slices / dices]

SunImpex’s Canned Pears – a premium choice for your culinary creations. Grown under the sun’s tender care, our luscious Pears Halves, Slices, and Dices are meticulously canned to preserve their exquisite taste and texture.

Harvested at the peak of ripeness, each succulent pear maintains its original flavor profile, delivering a burst of freshness to your dishes. Ideal for both sweet and savory applications, these versatile canned pears effortlessly elevate salads, desserts, and main courses.

Choose SunImpex for bulk quantities of these premium Canned Pears – a timeless addition to your pantry, bringing nature’s best straight to your table. Transform your culinary creations with the unmatched quality of SunImpex’s Canned Pears Halves, Slices, and Dices.



14 – 17%
425gm / 820gm / 2500gm / 3kg in tin 
530gm / 680gm / 1500gm in glass jar

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