IQF Green Peas

Sunimpex’s premium IQF Green Peas – the epitome of freshness and convenience for your culinary creations! Sourced from the finest fields, our individually quick-frozen green peas lock in their natural flavor, vibrant color, and essential nutrients.

Harvested at peak ripeness, these peas are meticulously processed to preserve their texture and nutritional value. Our IQF technology ensures each pea is frozen individually, preventing clumping and allowing you to use just the desired amount, hassle-free.

Versatile and ready to elevate your dishes, these IQF Green Peas are perfect for stir-fries, salads, casseroles, and more. Experience the garden-fresh taste year-round, and enjoy the ease of incorporating wholesome goodness into your recipes.

Packed in bulk for your convenience, Sunimpex guarantees the highest quality standards, making these IQF Green Peas an essential pantry staple for chefs, caterers, and food enthusiasts alike. Elevate your culinary experience with Sunimpex – where quality meets convenience.