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IQF Papaya Slices / Dices

Sun Impex FZE offers quality IQF papaya dices that are processed from farm fresh, ripened papaya fruits. The juicy flavour, natural sweetness and intense colour of papaya remain intact with quick freezing technique. We offer IQF papaya dices in red and yellow varieties as per customer requirement.

    • Flavor: Characteristic of red/Yellow papaya smell
    • Color: Clean uniform pink /Yellow
    • Taste: Typical of semi-ripe papaya
    • Ingredients: Red/Yellow Papaya
    • Brix: Min. 7- 9 deg.
    • Acidity: 0.5 to 0.7%
    • Additives: None
    • Sample size: 500 Gms
    • Criteria: Tolerance
    • Peel/soft seed portions :
    • Rotten/Mouldy fruit: Nil
    • Other foreign bodies: Nil
    • Clumps: Not more than 3 pieces welded together.
    • Listeria: Absent in 25 gm.
    • Salmonella: Absent in 25 gm.
    • Packing: As per customer’s requirements in food grade packing material
    • Shelf-Life: 18 month from the date of mfg
    • Storage: At -18° C or below
    • Delivery: In a refrigerated container. The delivery vehicle must be in a clean & well maintained condition
IQF Papaya Slices / Dices

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