Soursop Puree

A typical soursop fruit is characterized by its bright green colour and creamy white flesh on the inside. Savouring soursop puree available with the reputed soursop puree supplier Sun Impex is the ideal way to relish the goodness of this delicious fruit. Sun Impex is a leading Soursop puree exporter delivering processed soursop products to worldwide clients. Our soursop puree contains real fruit only and no artificial flavours, colorants or preservatives. It thus becomes extremely perfect for consumption. You will surely adore the creamy texture and sweet flavour of our offered soursop puree. Place your order now!

    • Brix 12 - 14
    • Acid 0.6-1.0
    • Pulp content Min 30 %
    • pH 3.4-4.0
    • Additives None
    • Total count Max. 500 cfu/ml
    • Yeast & Mould Max. 100 cfu/ml
    • E. Coli Negative
    • Total Coliforms Max. 10 cfu/ml
    • Packing 01 PE line, 01 aseptic bag in 220 liters open head steel drum
    • Net weight 200( ±1 kg )
    • Gross weight 220(±1 kg)
    • Storage conditions Kept at ambient temperature
    • Shelf Life Min. 12 months from production date

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