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Kiwi Pulp/Puree

Sun Impex offers deliciously-rich Kiwi puree and fruit concentrate to global customers. You can avail best quality Kiwi puree and puree concentrate prepared from utmost hygienic processes and stored under perfect storage conditions. Only farm-fresh Kiwi fruits are utilized in the processing process to ensure making the final product a high quality one.

Quite small in shape yet high in flavour, the Kiwi fruit is indeed amazing. It comes packed with nutrients like potassium, Vitamin K, E & C and a lot of antioxidants. Sweet & tangy in taste, the green flesh of Kiwi fruit is ideal for use as puree and concentrate. Sun Impex offers the best quality Kiwi puree and Kiwi puree concentrate prepared after a thorough processing process.

Get Premium Kiwi Puree and Puree Concentrate for Diverse Gourmet Preparations…

Our offered Kiwi puree draws huge demand from bakery, dairy and beverages industry. You can experience the appealing visual characteristics, unique flavour and aroma of Kiwi fruit in the offered puree. The soothing green colour and texture of our Kiwi puree will entice you for sure.

You can use our kiwi puree to make a delicious glazed Kiwi cheesecake or a simple Kiwi Blueberry Mojito or in any other preparation you like. Our Kiwi puree concentrate is equally flavour-enriched and can be used for a range of culinary applications.

Your Kiwi Puree and Concentrate is Just an Order Away!

Our supreme quality Kiwi puree and concentrate must have impressed you surely. You can get it all by placing your bulk order. Currently, we have fresh stocks of Kiwi puree and puree concentrate. So, order now!

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