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Tamarind juice concentrate

Tamarind fruit is called an indehiscent legume because at maturity it does open naturally still remains closed. The pods inside are large darkish brown seeds, sticky pulp, which even gets tarter even if the pods are dried. Tamarind is largely produced in India.

Thailand, Vietnam are the 2nd producers following Africa regions. Tamarind can be described as a spice, fruit and a condiment because of its tangy taste and contains essential minerals, iron, magnesium, fibre, vitamin C.

Tamarind has many various medicinal uses which helps to ease stomach discomfort, relief from digestion, relieve fever, sore throat. Leaves from the Tamarind are also beneficial as it compresses sprains, conjunctivitis.

In light of elucidating this appealing amazing fruit, SunImpex takes you farther to the eminence Tamarind juice concentrate Brix65. Tangy tamarinds are handpicked, washed, heated in water and refined, the fleshy riped pulpy juice is fed into a vacuum concentrator to produce brownish black colored juice concentrate.

Tamarind juice concentrate Brix65 retaining the natural flavor, texture intact. With a sour-fruity and acidic flavor our Tamarind juice concentrate is used in many culinary preparations, seasonings, soups, relishes, sauces, fruit preserves, chutneys, sherbets, marinades, beverages etc.

Tamarind juice concentrate Brix65 puts together these nutrients which makes it distinctively beneficial ingredient to your mixture. Packed in 60kg HDPE drums in 20’ fcl with a shelf life of 24 months.

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