Totapuri Mango Puree Concentrate

Totapuri Mango Puree Concentrate is carefully processed from fresh, ripened mangos to provide the essential flavor, color and nutrition, in a convenient, ready to use ingredient form for processed beverage and food applications. Totapuri Mango Puree Concentrate is an excellent ingredient to add a fruit serving to your retail label for beverages, cakes, pies, pastries, sauces, jellies and other processed foods like nutrition bars and snacks. Totapuri mango puree concentrate produced has delicious tangy taste which is perfectly retained.

Totapuri mangoes are oblong shaped with beak which has a pointed end, if you notice those curves will surely make you know that it’s Totapuri. It is grown in southern states of India during the June-July seasons.

Totapuri Mango Puree Concentrate is cautiously processed from fresh, ripened Totapuri mangos to provide the essential flavor, bright yellow color.

Totapuri mango puree concentrate brix 28 that’s produced has delicious tangy taste which is perfectly retained. Totapuri puree concentrate is strained to remove the peel, any granular particles and other impurities.

Totapuri mango puree has countless health benefits Vitamin A promotes eyesight, Vitamin E helps hormonal system efficiently, immunity booster, fight against acidity and improves digestion. High antioxidant

Totapuri mango puree concentrate Brix 28, single strength product is now being accepted globally as it can be used in various food methods, that can be used in unlimited applications like

– Bakery for cakes, tarts, icings, donuts etc.

– Beverages for smoothies, nectars etc.

– Dairy for fruit bars, desserts, yogurts, toppings etc.

– Baby food for cereals, fruit desserts etc.

Above all Totapuri puree/concentrate is most nutritious and delicious.

SunImpex offers most competitive prices packed under strict hygienic condition in pre sterilized aseptic bags with poly liner in MS drums 228kgs, loadability 80drums in 20’ with a shelf life of 18months.

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