Lemon Juice Concentrate

The Lemon Juice Concentrate is a natural product obtained from the freshly squeezed juice of mature and clean lemons by partly evaporating the water content of lemon juice. Lemons which are small and heavy are juicier and usually used to extract juice. Lemon juice is pasteurised and then immediately concentrated and frozen so as to assure its perfect preservation. SunImpex Concentrated Lemon Juice is prepared from mature Lemon fruit. Our products are processed from fresh, mature fruits and are free from artificial sweeteners.

    • BRIX: 46.0° - 56.0°
    • ACIDITY (GPL): Between 490 and 510 g/l citric acid anhydrous.
    • ACIDITY (%): 38.0 – 41.0 % citric acid anhydrous.
    • APPARENT DENSITY: 1.245 - 1.300 g/ml.
    • FLAVOR: Good distinctive lemon flavor, free from off-flavors or staleness.
    • MICROORGANISMS: Total Viable Count (T.V.C.) maximum 100 cfu/g.
    • APPEARANCE: Clear, low viscosity liquid with a characteristic yellow color.
    • PACKAGING: Suitable clean and new open mild steel drums polyethylene lined with double polyethylene bags of 240 Kg or 250 kg net weight. Also available on plastic jerrycans 25 or 60 Kg net weight.

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