Canned Apple
[slices / dices]

SunImpex’s Canned Apple Dices/Slices is 100% natural, made from premium quality juicy apples, free from added sugars, colors, or preservatives, and is packed with essential vitamins & antioxidants. Each batch is carefully processed in high-tech facilities to produce a consistently high-quality product that surpasses expectations.


Our products meet the highest standards of food safety, underscored by certifications from globally recognized bodies such as ISO, FDA, and FSSC. Our bulk packaging ensures cost-effectiveness without compromising quality.


Partnering with SunImpex guarantees consistent supply and it can be packaged in various bulk options to suit your requirements and ensure efficient delivery through our global logistics network. We source sustainably and offer competitive pricing for Canned Apple Dices/Slices, ensuring value for your business without compromising on quality.


425gm/567gm/3kg in tin 

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