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Canned Red cherries

Small in size yet adorable in appearance, red cherry fruit is surely an absolute delight for the eyes. We bring the delighting & delicious red cherries to you in perfectly hygienic canned packing. Our canned red cherries come bursting with natural fruit taste and just the right vital nutrition. You can use these canned red cherries for preparing appetizing drinks and desserts like cherry juice, cherry Ice cream, cherry cake, cherry pie, cherry sorbet and more. Place order for best quality canned cherries now. Whole cherries pitted and destalked, which have been subjected to a glace process. The texture is firm but not tough, the flavor is sweet and without foreign flavors.

    • Type : Whole Cherries pitted and destalked
    • Packing : 840 gm; IN PLASTIC BAG (concerning cherries without syrup),
    •                  Packed in cartons of 5 or 10 Kgs,
    •                  Also available in Trays 6x1 kg Pot and 12x250gr plastic pail.
    • Quality : Choice grade / Standard grade
    • Lid Style :Easy open and normal

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