Corn Puree

Sunimpex’s premium Corn Puree – a luscious blend of sun-kissed corn kernels harvested at their peak. Our bulk food wholesaler brings you the essence of farm-fresh sweetness in a convenient, velvety puree. Crafted for culinary enthusiasts and professional chefs alike, this versatile ingredient elevates soups, sauces, and dips with its rich texture and authentic corn flavor. Perfect for adding a touch of sweetness to your menu, Sunimpex’s Corn Puree is a pantry essential for every foodservice professional. Packed with natural goodness, this product ensures consistency in taste and quality. Elevate your dishes effortlessly and captivate taste buds with the finest corn puree – sourced, processed, and delivered with Sunimpex’s commitment to excellence. Explore the endless possibilities and let your culinary imagination soar with Sunimpex, your trusted partner in bulk food wholesaling.



14 – 18

0.05 – 0.25

Aseptic bag in drums