Spinach Puree

Spinach is a highly nutritious food for people of all ages and with its availability in puree form, you get the perfect reason to relish it at your own convenience. Sun Impex brings to you Spinach puree made from the best quality fresh spinaches to enable you get the wholesome goodness of the popular green leafy vegetable. We present to you Spinach puree powered with rich-nutrients including potassium, magnesium, Vitamin C, E & K, calcium, folic acid besides high amounts of carotenoids ideally suited for your daily dose of healthy food. Spinach leaves with any sign of damage or discoloration are never used in our puree preparation. By discoloration, we mean the spinach leaves turning black at the fold lines or at the edges which is caused mainly due to excessive moisture and contamination. Only the bright green spinaches devoid of any textural-defects are used for processing. The selected spinaches are washed suitably and further processed to produce nutritious puree which is further packed in air-tight packaging to retain the nutrition and texture.

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