Pumpkin Puree

SunImpex’s premium Pumpkin Puree, a versatile gem for culinary enthusiasts and food professionals alike. Sourced from the finest pumpkins, our puree boasts a velvety texture and rich, natural sweetness that elevates your dishes effortlessly.

Crafted for convenience, this Bulk Food Wholesaler delight is ideal for creating soups, pies, sauces, and more. The vibrant orange hue adds a visual appeal that’s as delightful as its taste. Packed with nutrients, our Pumpkin Puree is a healthy choice for conscious consumers.

SunImpex takes pride in delivering top-quality bulk ingredients, and our Pumpkin Puree is no exception. It’s processed and sealed to preserve its freshness, ensuring your recipes consistently shine. Unlock the wholesome goodness of pumpkin with SunImpex – where quality meets culinary innovation. Elevate your creations with the purity of SunImpex Pumpkin Puree.



MIN. 3.8

0.05 – 0.2

Aseptic bag in drums