Red Pepper Puree

Sunimpex’s Red Pepper Puree – a burst of flavor to elevate your culinary creations! Sourced from the finest red peppers, our puree is a chef’s secret weapon for rich, robust dishes. Each jar encapsulates the essence of sun-ripened peppers, meticulously processed to deliver a smooth, velvety texture and intense, smoky taste.

Crafted for convenience, our Red Pepper Puree is a time-saving solution for busy kitchens. Enhance sauces, soups, and marinades with its vibrant color and bold, zesty notes. Versatile and ready to use, it effortlessly elevates both traditional and avant-garde recipes.

Sunimpex ensures the highest quality standards, guaranteeing a product free from additives or preservatives. Packed in bulk, this culinary gem is perfect for restaurants, caterers, and food manufacturers seeking superior taste and uncompromised freshness.

Transform your dishes into culinary masterpieces with Sunimpex’s Red Pepper Puree – where quality meets convenience, and flavor knows no bounds. Elevate your menu and leave a lasting impression with the unmatched richness of Sunimpex’s Red Pepper Puree.



7 – 9

0.2 – 0.4

Aseptic bag in drums


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