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Zucchini Puree

Food & diet experts consider Zucchini as a superfood due to the wholesome health benefits the green vegetable brings along. Packed with high amounts of Vitamin A & C, fiber and potassium folate, zucchini has proven effective for asthma, weight loss, cholesterol control, eye health etc. Zucchini puree from Sun Impex is your perfect daily dose of this tasty superfood. The Zucchini puree we offer is prepared only from freshly sourced zucchini that renders it incredibly nutritive and healthy. It’s well known how high the water content in Zucchini is. However, our offered puree contains this healthy green veggie in a much thicker texture and a lovely green colour. For puree preparation, the selected zucchinis are washed and their top & bottom parts chopped off, this is followed by slicing them into small pieces and steaming before sending for final processing. The delicate flavour of our Zucchini puree makes it suitable for addition to a variety of dishes for overall taste improvement. Our nutritious Zucchini puree is available for bulk order at a reasonable price. Just place your order now!

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